The Day Machu Picchu Was Mine

In a mountain jungle high above the clouds, I can look down upon a sprawling puzzle of stone, combined ┬álike an ancient God’s lego stash. Most pieces resemble the walls of houses or terraces with loose stones lying in the emerald green grass waiting to find their place in the rocky mosaic. The only sound floating in the breeze is the fossicking of llamas keeping the lawns trim, the scurry of furry chinchillas enjoying an evening dust bath and my mate yelling from a ledge above, “This is fucking awesome! I can’t believe we have the whole place to ourselves!” Continue reading


Travels in Peru 2012

Video from my trip to Peru, complete with monkeys, talking guinea pigs and chinchilla’s I trained to roll over in time with the music!
Also, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Aguas Calientes, Pisac, Nazca, Amazon, Puerto Maldonado and Arequipa.