Moscow More Often

I had been in Russia for a few days now on a Top Deck ‘Red Star’ tour and was getting used to the language, over-presence of authority, tasteless hotel breakfasts and the imposing communist statues that dot the cities. I no longer felt intimidated by any dodgy looking local walking in my direction and I had even mastered public transport (which when written only in Cyrillic can be a nightmare!)


Our tour group had previously visited St Petersburg and a quaint country town called Novgorod in the previous days. Many a vodka had been sampled (note: it’s usually cheaper just to buy the whole bottle in a bar) and the usual bonds that come with a tour group were starting to be formed.

Moscow seems like a giant city of organised chaos. The mega-metropolis sprawls out for kilometres and is home to over 15 million people. The extremes of wealth and poverty can be seen in a single glance with the city being home to the most billionaires in the world, yet most of the population live a very simple life.  Continue reading